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About the Photographer


Ever since she was a child, Jody has had an affinity for water. She was often found wandering away to splash in a stream, play with a faucet, or swim every day until dark. As she got older and moved closer to the beach, she spent every day at the ocean exploring California’s many-colored sandy beaches, finding sea creatures, and jumping through cold northern California waves.

These early experiences were a foundation for the love of untamed, unsullied nature that shines through every one of Jody’s photographs, and the reason why she chose to channel her photography talents toward conservancy efforts.

Jody started her photography journey when she saw an ocean photo contest in Water for Tomorrow, a magazine subsidiary of National Geographic. She entered the contest with a picture she took on a cell phone and won. That was when she decided to save up for a real camera and master the art of water photography to capture her love for all things water.



She has since gone on many adventures in her quest for the finest ocean photos  - swimming with seals, getting caught in storms, walking alongside a giant pelican down the beach, and making friends with sea creatures. She does not discriminate between large and small, and captures broad shore landscapes and tiny underwater creatures with the same understanding.

 Her work has been published in The Ocean Conservancy, Save Our Shores, and The National Marine Sanctuary. Her books, bags, and prints are sold in shops all along the Pacific coast and at art shows.


Photography equipment


Sony HX100V - Landscapes, Sealife

Sony RX100 - Landscapes Macro, Sealife, Underwater

Nikon Z7-2 - Landscapes, Sealife


Contests and awards

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