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Printing options

No matter how far you are from the sea, you can feel close to the coast with a photographic print from Lost Pacific in your home. Available in various mediums to suit your taste and beyond, you can turn a tranquil scene into the perfect decor for your home or office. We offer many unique ways to bring the ocean to your space.

- Prints. Our high-quality prints come in various size options for you to choose from, available with or without an optional frame for a magnificent way to display your favorites at home.


- Poster. Our posters feature high-quality imagery that allows you to enjoy the beauty of a print at a more budget-friendly price. Posters are best for those who want to display larger prints or casual artwork in their homes.


- Canvas. For a more artistic approach, you can choose to have the image alternatively printed on canvas stretched over a wood frame. Handcrafted and intriguing, canvas art adds depth to your walls.


- Framed prints. Have your new artwork framed in an attractive matte frame that surrounds the high-quality satin luster photo print, offering you the same level of professionalism that you might see on display in an art gallery.


- Metal prints. With art printed on metal, you can enjoy a metallic sheen that makes the imagery stand out dramatically. Metal mediums bring out some details that regular prints sometimes miss, potentially making the photo more engaging. The design is waterproof to ensure it never succumbs to moisture damage like some other options are prone to.


- Acrylic print. These top-quality prints are bonded to photo paper and then layered over using a sheet of quality clear acrylic. The light-refracting properties and frameless design make the entire image visible and vivid.


For more practical and decorative options, you can have a photo printed on various sizes of tote bags, mugs, cell phone cases or pillow cases, delivering one-of-a-kind art throughout your home.

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